Caring for Children Full Time


What Does It Take To Be A Great Foster Parent?

People who make great Foster Parents are those who don’t mind the challenge of child rearing, and can provide the structure that these children need.

Foster Parents are those who enjoy children , effectively manage stress, and have a great sense of humor.

Individuals or couple 21 years of age or older who are compassionate, flexible, open-minded, responsible, and emotionally and physically health can become Foster Parents.

Foster Parents must be willing to work as part of a team, which includes the child’s biological parents, to help meet needs of the child in care.


Sarah Minnie Badger Foster Care Agency (SMB) is currently recruiting foster parents who believe in reunification and working in partnership with biological parents! We places strong emphasis on working in partnership with biological parents and establishing healthy relationships and boundaries as it is in the best interest of children in care.

SMB’s mission is “Embracing the Legacy and Spirit of Family” is achieved by professional foster parents and biological / natural parents working in partnership. It happens successfully professional foster parents are a support when children in care return home and foster parents become an added support to them which in turn keeps them connected to the children that they once fostered!

Children who need foster or relative care through Erie County Department of Social Services are temporarily separated from their families due to abuse or neglect. The children:
• Range in age from 0-18.
• May be part of a sibling group (2 or more).
• Come from diverse ethnic and cultural populations.
• May have medical, mental and/or physical health issues.
• May have developmental delays.
• May have been exposed to drug and alcohol use/abuse.

All foster children are affected by the separation from their family. Sometimes this stress and worry shows up in their behavior. Some children have not experienced the usual routines of family life and need extra understanding and patience.

Foster Parents Rights and Responsibilities
This statement of Rights and Responsibilities purpose is to provide guidelines that will direct the course of relationships between foster parents and Sarah Minnie Badger Foster Care Agency (SMB) toward the mutual goal of fostering safe, healthy children.

• The RIGHT to be treated with consideration and respect by agency staff.
• The RIGHT to a supportive relationship from the agency.
• The RIGHT to receive reimbursement for the children in their care in a timely manner.
• The RIGHT to be trained in the role as members of a team.
• The RIGHT to give input into the decisions regarding the child in their care and to be treated as a member of the team in developing case plans for the child.
• The RIGHT to a clear explanation or description of their role as foster parents and the role of the child's family and the agency.
• The RIGHT to receive pertinent information about the children in their care.
• The RIGHT to be informed of any grievance procedures or access to any appeals process should they wish to appeal the agency's policy, regulation, or plan for a child in their care.
• The RIGHT to continue their own family patterns and traditions.
• The RIGHT to refuse to accept a child into their family if they feel they cannot meet the needs of the child or the placement will affect the well-being of the foster family.
• The RIGHT to be notified of any Court action, Administrative Review, Permanency Hearing, Court Review or Service Plan concerning a child in their care.
• The RIGHT to be included in the permanency consideration for the child who is in the foster family's care.
• The RIGHT & RESPONSIBILITY to advocate for children in their care.
• The RESPONSIBILITY for the day-to-day care and nurturing of the child.
• The RESPONSIBILITY for keeping the agency informed of any changes in the child's life and in the foster parent's household.
• The RESPONSIBILITY to respect a child's biological family, traditions, culture and values.
• The RESPONSIBILITY to gain further knowledge and expertise regarding the care of children by attending on-going foster parent training.
• The RESPONSIBILITY to work cooperatively with agency staff as members of the child's team.
• The RESPONSIBILITY to ensure a child's health and safety needs are met.
If you are interested in becoming a Professional Sarah Minnie Badger Foster Parent, please contact La Tanya Pitts, Executive Director at 884-3622 x 3 or Kandice Hood, Home finder at 884-3622 x 8.

Imagine your favorite potted plant. Now
picture someone taking that plant and cutting it
off where the plant meets the soil and sticking
the remaining stem into a new pot of dirt. The plant
doesn’t thrive and yet you gave it a great new pot
with fresh soil, water and organic fertilizer. Must be
something wrong with that plant…
Or is it that we, as a system, have just cut the child off
from the roots of his family and taken him out of his
familiar soil? What if we can help him to retain his
roots while we’re temporarily replanting him until the
first pot is able to mend a few holes?